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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-30 04:46:02

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The adventures in Genshin Impact do not end and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to beat the assailants

What does it take to beat the Assailants in Genshin Impact?

This leads us to take care of helping Albedo because we are on a mission that involves us in some number of constant inconveniences, so knowing how to defeat the assailants is simply a task that usually occurs in the event of the Dragon and with it working on version 1.2, here we are faced with the possibility of having some number of favorable rewards that can be accessed.
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How to beat the Assailants in Genshin Impact?

It should be noted in the first instance that the assailants are simply legendary Fatui, there are only 3 who must be defeated, however, they are usually complex enough, in this sense, it is necessary to quickly describe each of them, and they are these:


  •  Anemoboxer: it is necessary to consider that there is the possibility of defeating them with a little more ease in relation to the other enemies, for this it is vital to eliminate the roadrunner because with this outside it can still cause damage, it may not be a mortal threat.
  • Cryochannel: This is an enemy with which we come across in Genshin Impact, and it is necessary to avoid leaving him alive, because by doing so he will simply have the ability to heal the cryo truck, he also has the possibility of having a weapon to shoot water.
  • Hidrocanal: This is a complex enemy, and it is usually somewhat difficult because it has a hydroelectric shield, so it is vital to take care of knocking it down because it is the only option that is presented to us to be able to harm it.


 We already have necessary information about the enemies, in such a way that knowing how to defeat the assailants leads us to pay particular attention to cryogenic shields, these are usually somewhat complex to destroy, but it is vitally important to eliminate them to win and to this is necessary:


  •  Make use of Pyro characters such as Klee, Bennett or Diluc.
  • Count on crimson quartz because it does a considerable amount of Pyro damage.
  • Make use of characters such as Noelle or Zhongli who have the ability to create shields capable of avoiding damage.
  • Making use of pyrotechnics is another tactic that can work perfectly well for us.
  • It is necessary to bring to this battle some food that can be healing, especially since it is possible that the enemies can do us considerable damage.
  • Winning this fight and defeating the assailants allows us to unlock the "warm essence" in addition to overcoming the "festering desire above level 2".


 In this sense, knowing how to defeat the assailants allows us to get rid of 3 formidable enemies in Genshin Impact and thus continue the journey through this new event.

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