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Today we bring you a guide with everything you need to know about How to pass laws in Frostpunk 2.

One of the elements that had an impact on Frostpunk players was the incorporation of legislation with its second title. However, there is still confusion about how to approve the laws in this game, which is why we bring you an explanatory guide on How to approve the laws within Frostpunk 2 and how you can positively influence the Council of Delegates so that you have support in your agendas.

You will also be able to find out how much has changed in Frostpunk legislation, however, this game has a lot more to offer us so if you are looking for an overview, check out our Frostpunk 2 preview, or if you want something more specific, such as how to build districts in Frostpunk 2, we can also help you.

How to Pass Laws in Frostpunk 2

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Unlocking Lawmaking:

The Council Chamber, constructed within the City Center District, facilitates lawmaking.

Accessing the Law Menu:

Locate the gavel icon in the user interface's lower right corner. This grants access to the Law Menu, categorized by Survival, Economy, Social, and Rule. 

Proposing Legislation:

Within each category, specific laws can be chosen. Select the desired law and click "Propose" to send it to the Council of Delegates for deliberation.

Voting Process:

A bar at the top of the voting screen displays guaranteed votes (blue) for and against (red) the proposed law. This bar rarely fills completely, necessitating strategic maneuvering.

  • Voting: If confident of sufficient support, click "Vote."
  • Negotiation: Alternatively, attempt to sway undecided factions using the "Negotiate" button.

Re-voting and Limitations:

Unsuccessful laws can be re-proposed after a nine-week cooldown period.

Note:During the Frostpunk 2 Beta, "Rule" laws are currently unavailable.

Emergency Sessions:

Calling an emergency Council session allows immediate voting, but this can negatively impact trust within the city. Utilize this option cautiously.

Securing Factional Support:

Building trust with various factions increases the likelihood of successful legislation. 

  • Negotiation Mechanics: When negotiating, a breakdown of each faction's stance on the proposed law is displayed. Click on a faction for negotiation options, such as seeking their support or opposition. Be prepared to fulfill their demands, which can vary based on their goals.

Benefits of Legislation:

Enacting laws provides specific advantages and disadvantages. Prioritize building bonuses and passing readily-approved laws for long-term success.

Balancing Factional Influence:

Different factions advocate for contrasting approaches. Approving laws favored by specific factions fosters trust, but strive for a balanced approach to maintain stability and avoid political unrest.

This is everything you need to know about How to pass laws in Frostpunk 2, follow our guide and you will be able to resolve all the doubts you have about legislation within the world of Frostpunk 2.

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