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2021-06-06 19:48:14

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Pay attention because for the free re-release of Frostpunk on the Epic Games Store, we will tell you how to use the coal thumper.

What is Frostpunk coal thumper?

They correspond to the most useful buildings in the game, which are considerably difficult to use. They represent the first source of "renewable" coal that you have, so it will be very useful to know how to use the coal thumper.

How to use the coal thumper in Frostpunk?

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The first thing you have to do is access the coal structure, which is unlocked after investigating it in the workshop. In order to investigate it you will have to invest 10 wood and 15 to build it. These are the most flexible resource building, since it does not require close resources for its operation, in this respect the size of the building and the need for labor also influence.

For the basic coal hit, you will need 10 workers or engineers with the capacity to generate at least 560 units of coal per standard turn, but you must bear in mind that this coal is not added to the reserve, but a Coal Pile is created to up to 15 Workers or two Collection Stations. So in the end it will take about 30 workers to get everything going in order.

Almost all Collection Stations will allow you to achieve a degree of protection against the elements, which brings the number of workers sick from the cold too much lower amounts and if you improve the Collection Stations you can improve the insulation, further reducing the number of sick from the cold.

You can access the upgrades through Coal Hunter at tech levels 2 and 5. There is an upgrade that will allow you to change the Coal Pumps for more expensive but more efficient Steam Coal Pumps.

Another improvement allows the carbon injectors to add 15 percent efficiency to all carbon cannons and steam cannons.

We recommend making sure that the Carbon Dump Trucks are neither too high nor too low, both so as not to overdo it and so that there is no shortage, although in that case you can expect the hammer to produce more or stop working.

It is also very important for the automata not to frequently overload the coal piles when working with human crews.

Now that you know how to use the coal thumper in Frostpunk, we hope you can use and get the most out of these buildings in the game, as well as the Coal resources you get from them.

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