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2021-06-07 08:19:00

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This time we return with a Frostpunk guide, aiming to explain where to find resources.

What to know about the resources in Frostpunk?

There are different types of resources that are necessary for our progress through the game, which makes it important and necessary to understand where to find resources, for this we are presented with the timely orientation of this guide with its following content, let's see it.

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Where to find resources on Frostpunk?


  •  Wood: among all the resources this is the most basic of those that we can find throughout the game, with which it is possible to make the basic structures that depend on wood, there are limitations at the beginning of this resource, which is obtained through wooden boxes, starting we access about 120, but when we have advanced and the city grows, the need for this resource will grow, then we can stay if this resource, so to help us it is important to manage our wood with the sawmills close to the trees that are frozen so that we can collect and store it.
  • Iron: this requires its collection by the iron deposits of the game, but the construction of a Steelworks near these deposits is ideal, which will allow them to be taken automatically, achieving a normal amount of about 100,000 through a single deposit , but with construction we can access 60 daily.
  • Coal: this is very important, with which we can feed the generators and steam centers, which maintains the energy we need, it is possible to find in coal piles all over the world, for each pile there is access to some 500, it is possible to collect them more quickly by assigning about 15 workers to collect them in a pile, we must consider the coal deposits, which leads us to the construction of a coal mine near these deposits to extract it, by means of a deposit we can get about 100,000 coals.
  • steam core: this is a resource of great importance as well, because it is our power generators, with which it is possible to power the buildings we have, the greenhouse, the wall drill and even the coal mine, the production of these does not depend on us as in the case of the other resources, we can only find them while we are exploring.

 Now that you know where to find resources, just do it and make the most of your fun at Frostpunk.

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