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2021-06-07 07:57:26

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We invite you to discover where to place buildings, a necessary task in Frostpunk.

What to know about the buildings in Frostpunk?

It is important that the space we have in the game is used with great caution, the buildings require a certain space, where the width is of the utmost importance, we are presented with 3 types of width for these, with 2 width fields we have at the houses, medical facilities, warehouses and some buildings that are public, now for those who are in charge of the production of food that are processed for consumption, the size and the public house these do require 3 fields wide, while Larger buildings depend on fields, now to know where to place them is what will be explained in the following content.

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Where to place buildings in Frostpunk?

The placement of the buildings ends up creating a space between them, which makes a part of the land lose, considering the limitations of the area it is not viable, so it is best that the buildings are together while they have the same width, thus avoiding voids and we can make the most of all the space we have.

  We can conclude that knowing where to place buildings is easier than thought once we have the orientation presented here in Frostpunk.

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