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2021-06-23 09:01:14

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Today we bring you a Frostpunk guide, where we will explain how to increase hope.

Why raise hope by Frostpunk?

It is an important statistic in the game, because if it falls we will end up losing, in itself it turns out to be the key to survival, now to understand How to increase hope we have the details in this guide and its next content, let's see.

How to increase hope in Frostpunk?

As for How to increase hope in Frostpunk, a couple of modifiers are presented related to it, these being temporary and permanent, they consist of statistics that will work according to our decisions, which can lead us to increase hope, let's see then the following details:

The temporary modifiers
  • Desirable law: the laws will play an important role, so the ones we impose will bring positive energy, an example of which is one that is related to the healing house.
  • Evening prayers: these are places of worship, such as temples, here a distribution of food is kept to those who are praying in this place.
  • The house of healing: in Frostpunk this turns out to be a kind of hospital, which will treat the ailments that afflict the sick and cure them, after signing the law we can do it.
  • The patrol: it is important that civilians feel safe, so the guards have to be constantly patrolling the streets for there to be hope.

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  • The propaganda: it is a news bulletin that reaches the people to maintain the hope of survival, this is distributed by the houses of our city.
  • Public penance: it is a form of punishment for criminals or civilians who perform inappropriate acts for society, who end up confessing and come to repent.
  • Sermon or ceremonial service: This is a prayer used in temples or places of worship to increase hope.

Permanent modifiers
  • Near a house of prayer: once we have fully implemented the law of the house of healing, the civilians near it have an automatic increase in hope.
  • Near a watchtower or lookout post - Living close to any of these options will give civilians a sense of safety and security, which is a success in terms of Raising Hope.
  • The morning meeting: it is a meeting of all the inhabitants of the city to be up-to-date with the work and general objectives.
  • The propaganda center: this is a way of consistently gaining hope, because civilians are kept informed about their city.
  • Secret informants: with the help of persuasion, we can make civilians sign loyalty pledges and play the role of informant, thereby gaining hope as a bonus.
  • The temple: Once we have signed the temple law, this will keep hope growing.
  • Work near a sanctuary: Salt being near a sanctuary allows hope to constantly increase.
  • The children's shelter: it is a school where children are cared for and educated.

In this way we finish our Frostpunk guide, now you know how to increase hope, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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