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2021-06-07 08:15:37

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We continue talking about Frostpunk where we will tell you how the temperature affects citizens

Why does temperature affect citizens in Frostpunk?

It should be noted that in this game there are usually some necessary work processes, such is the case of mining that must be carried out by citizens, the detail is that there are low temperatures that can make them sick, and this can lead to severe inconveniences. However, there is a solution for this and that is precisely what we are going to talk about today.

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How does temperature affect citizens in Frostpunk?


  •   One solution is to place a steam center in the respective work area so that it can contain heating, and therefore this climate can be felt in the mines where citizens work, this allows to reduce the risk of presenting health complications by a certain amount.
  • Another option is to ensure the temperature in the home, this allows the citizen to increase a total value and therefore the risk of getting sick will be much lower, although it is true, this does not eliminate the risk that workers can freeze, if it can somewhat reduce the chance of getting sick.

  In this sense, knowing how temperature affects citizens allows us to have the opportunity to make some improvements for miners in Frostpunk.

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