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2021-06-17 08:40:31

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Frostpunk offers us interesting activities, let's see How to send relief expeditions.

What is the purpose of sending relief expeditions in Frostpunk?

Simply having the possibility of saving the settlers, sometimes they are usually involved in tasks that can leave them trapped and that is where it is necessary to accept a relief mission with the mere purpose of saving them, it should be noted that this expedition can be somewhat complex but worth the effort.

How to send relief expeditions in Frostpunk?

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To carry out this activity it is necessary to use a beacon, but obviously this option is not usually seen clearly, because it is hidden, however it is necessary to find it in the menu and from there:


  •  We select the beacon.
  • Then we click on the '>' icon until the expedition is achieved.
  • Then we click on the '' button once we find the expedition.


 It is necessary to bear in mind that we must have certain resources among which this:


  •  A refuge to live in the city.
  • Food.
  • Coal.
  • Automata, this mission requires exactly 7 of them.


 We must consider the time factor, this means that there is a high possibility of being limited by it, so when finding the mission it is necessary to execute it, especially since it is not the task to be carried out in New Manchester, there are a total of 3 missions and therefore we are very limited.

 Now that you know how to send relief expeditions you can freely involve yourself in this task and thus continue traveling Frostpunk.

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