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2021-06-17 09:12:51

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Today we bring you a Frostpunk guide where we explain how to heat settlers' houses, let's see.

What is the purpose of heating the settlers' houses in Frostpunk?

Simply having the possibility of getting them to survive, as we will know, it is highly possible to find some complex temperatures where it is possible to perish due to excess cold, in this sense, knowing how to heat settlers' houses arises as a necessary action to achieve that these can be kept safe.

How to heat settlers' houses in Frostpunk?

Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this and these are usually:

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Make use of a generator: this is an excellent option that can be applied, it will only be enough to locate either the heat generating tower or the generator of the main building that is located in the city center, the latter usually feeding the city ​​with sufficient heat, considering that it has a heat level of 4.

Make use of the research nodes:
this is another alternative that could well be used to generate heat and for this we must increase our generator and its power in several ways to make it possible to increase the heat in the house and choose to do it through insulation at home by increasing the level to 1.

Make use of the relic of the lamp:
this is another method that is usually favorable, it tends to offer us light and heat for our houses.

It should be noted that it is possible to see when the settlers may be hot or cold, it will only be enough to check the heat map, which can turn out to be a truly favorable tool.

Now that you know how to heat settlers' houses it is time to embark on this task and keep people alive in Frostpunk.

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