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Lidia Rozo
2022-01-27 13:43:01

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The searches are still latent in Fortnite and this allows you to indicate Where to find a pizza party.

What is the pizza party in Fortnite?

  This is nothing more than an object that has been incorporated into the game that is part of the novelties with which it has, so that, knowing where to find a pizza party, we embark on a search task that is part of the fun and is immersed inside a chapter 3 mission.

Where to find a pizza party in Fortnite?

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This is a necessary quest where we should consider buying the quest item and this is usually done from the NPC Tomatohead, which makes us have to:


  •  Go to the Pizza Pit restaurant and interact with Tomatohead.
  • Next, we proceed to select the Pizza Party object and buy it.
  • To finish we will see that the Pizza Party will be incorporated into our inventory.


 It should be noted that knowing where to find a pizza party makes it necessary to buy the Pizza Party, only that this item usually costs a total of 50 gold bars, however, it is not the only way to get it, this is because there is the possibility of find him in the chests or in the supplies, in the same way we are allowed to destroy the loot llamas.

 When getting the Pizza Party it is necessary to consider what object is used to recover our health, as well as the shield, it will only be enough to approach the object and proceed to press the "Consume" button, this allows us to restore 100 health and recover 50 shield, It is also possible to save the object, nothing more than for this we must press "Take".

 There is a mission in chapter 3 of Fortnite where we are required to take a slice of Pizza Party and in this sense, it is necessary to take care of aiming at the ground as we usually do when throwing a grenade, in the same way we can feed with pieces of pizza to a klombos dinosaur, this allows them to drop loot to collect you.

 We conclude this guide on Where to find a pizza party, in such a way that it would only be enough to launch ourselves on a simple, but satisfactory search in Fortnite.

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