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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-27 01:59:50

More about: Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is now available and if you want to become one of the best here we will tell you which is the best equipment for Lion.

 Who is Lion in Rainbow Six Extraction?

He is one of the operators you can find in the game, he has an ability that recharges over time and allows him to see moving enemies through walls and corners, but if you want to take real advantage of this ability you will want to know what is the best equipment for Lion.

What is the best equipment for Lion in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Main Weapon

  • Primary Weapon - SG-CQB

Holographic Sights

Vertical Grip

The best weapon for this operator are the shotguns, specifically the SG-CQB is among the best weapons in the game, as it has good stopping power for when you can't avoid a direct fight, but we recommend you to improve the stealth, because some targets prohibit it as an option.

What is the best equipment for Lion in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Secondary Weapon

  • Secondary Weapon - P9

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Having Lion's ability in a short reuse time is very important, this has to do with the secondary weapon that you will be using most of the game.

Keep in mind all the shortcomings of the LFP586, the weapon starts, its noise, how hard it is to reload and aim, the impossibility to reload it. The only negative of the P9 is that it does less damage, but despite that, it will allow you to kill in one hit on a weak point on the other side of the map.

What is the best equipment for Lion in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Explosive technology and equipment

When it comes to explosive technology the best choice is the vapor reconnaissance device. But the issue is what to do between skill uses. For this the best option is Recon Vapor grenades, as they will reveal and scan the opponents in an area for 45 seconds, which will allow them to clear the area, after that the skill will be ready to work again.

As for the equipment, the XR reconnaissance drone will allow you to scan without having to control it remotely. It has a range of eight meters, capable of going through walls that grenades cannot. In general, this will be very helpful for when you no longer have grenades.

That's all you need to know about the best equipment for Lion at Rainbow Six Extraction, so now that we've come to the end, we hope you can get a lot more out of this operator.

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