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The searches in Fortnite do not stop which allows us to tell you where to find samples of literature in season 6, let's see.

How many literature samples did we get in season 6 in Fortnite?

 This game has managed to occupy us in a certain amount because here there are many challenges, and precisely knowing where to find samples of literature in season 6 is one of them, because here we get some news and elements that make a change which is interesting and favorable, It is always good to get changes because it makes it exciting, only that this search makes us have to move to three particular places.

Where to find literature samples in season 6 at Fortnite?

 To be successful it is necessary to consider traveling fast, as it is an easy enough challenge, where some new activities are involved, belonging to the battle pass, and it is part of the crossover event "Llama-Rama with Rocket League", which simply implies getting involved in additional content, it is worth making clear that completing this challenge allows us to get 24,000 XP.

 Here are the places where we get the literature samples and these are:
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    Lazy Lake.

     This place usually contains a total of two samples:

    •  First sample: it is under a Lazy Lake Spa sign next to the bottom of a staircase, specifically in the southwest corner of the spa.
    •  Second sample: this is usually obtained next to the wall in the soda machine room, on the first floor of the gas station located northwest of the spa at Fortnite.

     Pleasure park.

     Here we also get two samples.

    •  First sample: Usually located on a shelf in a light blue house that is located on the western edge of Pleasant Park.
    •  Second sample: we must locate a brick house and enter through the main door in order to reach the room on the left and take the sample.

     Ratail Row.

     This is the last location to search for where to find literature samples in season 6, so we must go to the McGullin bookstore and go to the right side in order to get to the back to find the sample, this is usually the easternmost building on Retail Row.

     This is all we can tell you about where to find samples of literature in season 6, because with this information you can perform this search in Fortnite.

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