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Fortnite: How to Launch the Spaceship

2020-08-03 08:17:56

We welcome you to our Fortnite guide where we will talk about how to launch the spaceship.

What to know about the Spaceship in Fortnite?

The first thing we must do before we launch the ship is find it, for this we will go directly northeast of Craggy Cliffs, but apart from that we need to make some arrangements so that it can be operational, it is a fact that It can benefit us with a significant amount of XP, it is good to know that the existence of this ship is due to how flooded we are with water in this season, now to clearly understand how to launch the spacecraft, let's continue with the following content .

How to launch the spaceship in Fortnite?

When finding the ship we find the requirements for its launch, which are the batteries that we will find southeast of the ship in the shallow waters, the heat shield that is located next to the water breaking the rock and thus finding the bottom and lastly the heat impeller that we need to create the structure that will allow us to reach the cliff, just by interacting with each of these pieces it will be enough to take them, once we install these pieces, it will only be enough with an interaction with the ship so that we can launch it, by means of a back count the launch will be carried out and thus we will complete this challenge.

  This way we finish our Fortnite guide, now you know how to launch the spaceship, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
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