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Angel Marquez
2021-03-22 15:30:04

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Fortnite is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to fix packet loss, let's see.

What to know about packet loss in Fortnite?

Certainly there are many frequent bugs and errors that we will see during the game, but in those of us on PC there is also a loss of packets that becomes very frustrating, despite the many things we can do to have fun in the game we must take into account the delays that have to do with the network or the server itself, it can be motivated by many reasons, such as the speed of our connection speed, so to consider how to repair packet loss it is appropriate to see continue with the next content.
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How to fix packet loss in Fortnite?

The loss of packet occurs at the moment that data is sent by the game on our PC or when this is going to be uploaded to the server, causing a series of problems, which include the loss of connection, but as for how To repair packet loss there are many options that can help us to return to playing Fortnite, for this we must see the details that are coming from now on.


  •  Server status: among the options that we have to verify is the Epic Games server, this allows us to discover on which side the failure is, we only have to access the link for verification, if we notice that they are in green it means that the operation is optimal, now if it is a server interruption or system failure, it will not be possible to establish the connection with Epic Games Launcher or the game, for this interruption problem must be corrected, just wait with patience.
  • The details of the network: when we are presented with the loss of packages in Fortnite it is ideal that we start the game and go to the lobby, then in the menu in the upper right corner we click to go to the configuration of the game interface, there is We have to activate the network debugging statistics and we give it to apply to save this change, taking into account that this is something that will not affect our game, which implies that we can turn it OFF if we want, on our screen in In the upper left corner it is possible to notice the details of the network once we are in a game, if any packet loss occurs we can notice that a red bars will appear under the statistics that relate to the network, implying that It is lost through the red lines and it is not lost if there is a solid white line.
  • The internet connection: if a constant packet loss is maintained, it may be because our internet may be the reason for the problem, then as for how to repair the packet loss we have to contact our internet provider, including the use of A VPN while we are playing is possible to reduce this packet loss, only that the ping delay can be increased, taking into account that the VPN is not a solution to this problem.

 We can conclude that knowing how to repair packet loss is easier than thought once you have seen so many solutions, you just have to apply it to get back to the fun in Fortnite.

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