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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-03-22 15:26:04

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This is the article you needed if you are wondering how to make truffle oil in Stardew Valley, so stay tuned.

What is truffle oil in Stardew Valley?

It is an element that you will have to get if you want to make the rain totem, so here we will tell you how to make truffle oil.

How to make truffle oil in Stardew Valley?

In order to make this oil you will need to get truffled mushrooms from your pigs when they roam the farm in the spring, fall and summer seasons. So you will need to buy a few pigs at Marnie's Ranch for 16k gold after getting a Deluxe Barn.
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You can buy the barn from Robin at the wood shop for 25k gold and the following resources.

  • X300 stone
  • x500 wood

You will also have to get an oil manufacturer to make it, and that you can obtain by positioning yourself at level 8 of the agricultural skill using the following materials:

  • x1 gold bar.
  • x20 Hardwood
  • x50 slime

When you have the manufacturer you will have to place the truffles, which will take six hours to turn into truffle oil. After the process is over, you can sell it for a base price of 1k and a bonus price of 1400k which varies by rarity type.

The Deluxe Barn will allow you to have up to 12 animals including cows, goats, sheep, ostriches and pigs.

  That's all you have to know about how to make truffle oil in Stardew Valley, we hope our guide has been as useful as possible and you can get the oil you need quickly.

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