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Today we have set out to make a Fortnite guide in order to explain how to find gnomes in Homely Hills

Why find gnomes in Homely Hills at Fortnite?

First of all, it is necessary to mention that it is not the first time that we got gnomes in this game, since they have managed to have a relevant role, since previously we had achieved challenges where they were present, since it is worth noting the war between two groups that we could see in season 2 but everything seems to indicate that these have not left these areas and it will be possible to get them in a space on the mainland in the middle of a mostly flooded map, therefore it is necessary to know how to find gnomes in Homely Hills, apparently these 4 Gnomes who are there may be relaxing.
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    How to find gnomes in Homely Hills at Fortnite?

    The first thing we need to know is that there are 4 gnomes and they are all quite close which can put us at an advantage, so our first task of the day is to embark on Homely Hills, and as soon as we arrive we start the search to the southwest, for this is It is vital to start in the backyard since there will be one behind the barbecue specifically in a house.

    Then it will be necessary to advance a little further north, because there we will be able to observe a fairly thick tree, if we notice well we will observe the gnome, we continue our journey because we only carry two of the four that we will look for, and we will have to move a little to the northwest, there We enter a house where the television will be on since there is a gnome sitting watching TV.

    We only have the last one and this means that it will be necessary to go through the neighbor's house from which we recently left and behind a rock it is possible to see the fourth gnome of Homely Hills. It is necessary to consider that the fundamental objectives are these four, although only with obtaining 3 we have the possibility of obtaining 35,000 XP.

    Probably as we walk around the map we will be able to get some gnomes at random, but for now we only need to collect these 4 in Homely Hills, since it only remains to wait for more challenges where gnomes are involved, since they are normally elements that will not disappear because they must have some relevant role in the future.

     This is all you need to know about How to find gnomes in Homely Hills because they are necessary and usually have a fundamental role in Fortnite, do not hesitate to look for them.

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