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With our Hyper Scape guide you will learn more about upgrading weapons and hacks with precise details.

  We find Hyper Scape, which was developed by Ubisoft and is a futuristic FPS Battle Royale, just like other games, it is possible to be in a 100 player contest, which will make the fight smaller, being the last in Winner's foot, it is free and it is presented on the PC and consoles, bringing with it the free and Premium battle pass, to get the equipment it is necessary for us to carry out looting, even pinging our enemies, but there is much more To stand out, that's why in this guide we are going to talk about the weapons and hacks upgrade below, just pay close attention.
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    What is the weapons and hacks update in Hyper Scape all about?

    We have the champions under our control, with certain possibilities other than Apex Legends if we compare it, here we have the visual of the champions, these do not have skills or more that have to be activated, for this we have the Hacks throughout the map , with these it is possible to access an outstanding group of skills, being these the invisibility, Wall, Teleportation, Mine and the Healing, where those of the Wall and Mine it is necessary to consider some details, if we have the Wall, we may do one of virtual form to capture our enemies or simply protect us, now in the case of the Mine we have to deploy one and is capable of going after the enemies as they approach.

    With some of the hacks it is possible to have access to navigate the city, an example of this will be that of Teleportation, also some of us will find the Mine hack more effective and others protect themselves with the Wall hack, we must bear in mind that champions only have 2 hack slots and 2 for weapons, weapon upgrades and hacks are possible, considering their looting in the same way as other forms of real battles, but as we progress we will We will make the improvements, when taking a weapon or hack these bring with them a certain level of power, where 5 will be the maximum they have.

    Once we take the same weapon and hack that we have equipped, we will be doing the weapons and hacks upgrade, because these will merge adding more power until the level obtained is 5, gaining power and advantage for the confrontations, but it is important that we bear in mind that in Hyper Scape not all weapons will be worth a power level, since there are weapons that we will already find at level 5 in each of the 8 reference points present, which will also lead us to meet with more enemies.

    What are the weapons we have in Hyper Scape?

    At the moment the weapons and hacks upgrade is possible to those we know being these:

    • Ripper: This is a classic in assault rifles, with which we can cause medium and long-range precise damage
    • D-Tap: We have here a small automatic pistol, with which we will continuously damage the target, even if it is little
    • Mammoth Shotgun: In hand-to-hand combat we can say that it is an ideal weapon, since it helps us in the clearance of buildings and of great impact.
    • Protocol V Sniper Rifle: Possesses great range, deals large amounts of damage and is able to maintain dominance over high places
    • Riot One: With a single shot we have this deadly Revolver, considering that it is necessary to have a high precision to achieve damage, it is similar in size to a finisher and has medium range.
    • Skybreaker: It is a heavy weapon that performs a single shot of energy, which is a projectile of great power, when it hits the surfaces they end up exploding with an energy ball, causing significant damage to enemies and causing them to go back to those nearby.

     This way we finish our Hyper Scape guide, now you know everything about the weapons and hacks upgrade, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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