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Guide to learn how to find Craggy Cliffs in Fortnite

  Craggy Cliffs or in Spanish "Acantilados Escarpados" is a place is a well-known place in Fortnite, but if you have only started playing recently, you may have difficulties finding it. These used to be an important location in the game, but with the last season it has changed its appearance and is no longer a named location. Because of this we will teach you how to find it in the game.
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    How to find Craggy Cliffs at Fortnite?

    You can find Craggy Cliffs on the north coast of the island, near The Yacht. As we mentioned before, for the new season it is flooded, but there are some buildings that you can enter now that the water has started to descend.

    It's not the most recommended place to land for its limited resources but the helicopter in the radio tower has been retired, so you won't be able to head there to find one, but it still has plenty of loot spawns if you still need weapons when you're done in Craggy Cliffs.

    At this location it can be difficult to get a fishing rod here so it is recommended that you head to the Yacht first, you must grab a fishing rod that is a common spawn there, and then go to the Craggy Cliffs to finish the challenge.

     How this said How to find Craggy Cliffs in Fortnite you can carry out different activities in this place and who knows, you can be awarded for a chest in this place.

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