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Our article today is in case you have come to a question how to save your game in Deadly Premonition 2.

What is Deadly Premonition 2?

The title belongs to the sequel to the horror and narrative adventure game Deadly Premonition, this second part takes us to the city of Le Carré, from the open world, where the FBI special agent Francis York Morgan, will have to revisit the case that decided it was resolved in 2005. This sequel premiered a couple of days ago on June 10, 2020 for Nintendo Switch users.

Unfortunately from the moment it was released, the video game has come under heavy criticism due to harsh criticism for being fraught with technical issues. One of these problems is the way of saving, since many players often do not find how to save.

How to save your game in Deadly Premonition 2?

The first thing you have to know about how to save your game is that this title offers ways to save, one is through autosave, which can be activated or deactivated from the options menu.

While the other form of saving is normal saving, for which you will have to save your progress by making phone calls. That is, to save the game you will have to go to a game phone and interact with it using the A button, which will allow you to select a data slot and finally save the data.

The phones can be found easily and they are marked by exclamation marks.

These same phone save points can serve as a sort of road map / radar, so if you ever find a suspiciously placed pay phone, perhaps at a door, it may be indicative of an impending boss encounter, which It will be valuable as you have to search for these phones that are on the way to beat Deadly Premonition 2.

 This is everything you need to know about saving your game in Deadly Premonition 2, we hope that our article has been very useful for you to better understand the saving process and you can save your games whenever you need it easily.

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