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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-11 14:20:02

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The fight against zombies continues in Dying Light 2 and for this reason it is necessary to explain how to get The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint.

What is gloVa's left finger plane in Dying Light 2?

This is nothing more than a pistol that we have and that offers us the possibility of eliminating enemies and thereby saving humanity, so it is necessary to know how to obtain The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint in order to continue our Traveling in this hostile world as humans, it is our job to survive in this hostile world at all costs, thereby implying access to certain weapons that in some cases may belong to other titles, but here may be favorable to us.

How to get The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint in Dying Light 2?

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It should be noted that this weapon is usually a Techland artifact on Dead Island and we must take care of unlocking it in order to access it, in this sense, it is vital to go to the Garrison district where the plane is usually located and this is nothing more than a skyscraper , so that reaching the place requires having completed the Broadcast story mission because this allows us to get a grappling hook that is usually favorable for climbing.

We must complete "Transmission" to once again climb the VNC tower, once we are up it is important to take a look to the southwest where the skyscraper is, in addition we are allowed to see a long antenna and an air launch parachute, the latter is usually hanging in one of the corners, so that knowing How to get The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint leads us to jump and use the glider to dive, this in order to reach the roof and proceed to look for the electrical transformer with a cable.

We continue working on this task in Dying Light 2 and we must take care of solving a skyscraper cable puzzle, this is usually a bit complicated because it requires jumping to lower levels on different sides of the building, this usually happens while we take the hooks that may be available and allow us to get to the room.

When connecting the last cable and using our GRE key to open the door, it will be necessary to be careful, this is because we will see a zombie that usually runs away and will attack us when opening this room for the first time, as you will see how to The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint is somewhat complex, however, we get rid of the zombie to enter to find a note from the developers, as well as a poster of other Techland games and of course the plane of Dying Light 2, we must also have some details additional to manufacture the weapon that offers us 16 shots before degrading and this implies having 369 remains to manufacture it.

 This is all we know about How to get The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint, so it becomes necessary to work hard and gather scraps to reach this weapon in Dying Light 2.

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