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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-11 14:29:39

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The tasks are still latent in Dying Light 2 which makes it necessary to explain how to get the Korek Charm.

What is the Korek Charm for in Dying Light 2?

  This is nothing more than a necessary artifact whose purpose is to increase the durability of any weapon and place it to the maximum instantly, so it is necessary to take care of knowing How to get the Korek Charm, especially considering that this amulet can be used several times. times.

  Knowing how to get the Korek Charm offers us the opportunity to use our favorite weapon because it can have favorable durability and is usually an ideal artifact to eliminate enemies in Dying Light 2, we will notice that as we progress weapons can be easily degraded and this brings us some inconveniences that from now on we can solve.

How to get the Korek Charm in Dying Light 2?

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This is a search that leads us to go to the top of the VNC Tower in the first instance, only that in order to do so, it is necessary to have completed the story mission called "Transmission".

 Now that we have managed to climb the VNC tower in Dying Light 2 2, it is necessary to take care of looking to the southwest where we will see a building with a radio antenna on top and towards an Airdrop, in this sense, it is favorable to use a paraglider to go to the roof.

 It is good to keep in mind that there is a power outlet on the roof which allows us to connect to it, in addition to this we will have the possibility of using a total of 80 meters of cable to go to the next power outlet, this is usually located four floors below.

 Upon arrival it is necessary to take care of leaning out of the roof and proceed to jump towards the windows that we will see below, these are usually open, in this sense, it is necessary to have the grappling hook to stop the fall, in case of having this paraglider can also serve us in Dying Light 2.

 Knowing how to get the Korek Charm leads us to enter the room that is four floors below where it is necessary to take care of looking for a red box and proceed to connect it, then we must turn around in order to visualize a box of blue color to get a new cable in the room, only this is where things can get complicated for some, this especially in the case of Xbox users who have reported that there is a possibility that the blue box may not have power .

 It is good to keep in mind that we can see another plank on the right side of the box where we are told that it is necessary to take care of jumping a total of four more floors down, this in order to connect another red box in Dying Light 2, In the same way, it is necessary to take care of crossing the room in order to find a last cable, after that we will have to go out the window and go to the left in order to find a plank that tends to lean out of the ceiling from the blue box, so that here it is essential to use the grappling hook to be able to safely go down to the grass below, it will only be enough to do the same in the next area of ​​grass, so that you know how to get the Korek Charm It leads us to keep in constant movement.

 We are allowed to see a board in the center of the area and from here we will turn left that will take us to find a room with a last plug that can be connected, it is only necessary to take care of interacting with the console that is usually located to the right to access to open the double doors that lead us to a developer room, this one has nods from Techland's past, as well as an objective called gloVa's Left Finger in Dying Light 2.

 It is good to keep in mind that when entering the double doors we must kill a single explosive zombie, we will also see that in the apartment there are some seats in front of the television, so it is necessary to sit on these and we must do it in a particular order, this It is part of the task to know How to get the Korek Charm and for this we must follow these instructions:

  • Sit first in the orange seat that is located on the right.
  • Then we must sit on the small cushion that is usually located in front of the television and is the second seat.
  • We continue the route and it becomes necessary to sit in the green chair that is usually located next to the table as a third seat.
  • We proceed to sit on the orange cushion that is to the right of the green chair and is the fourth seat.


 We must stay in the last seat until we see a burst of electricity that usually occurs suddenly and that it can place Korek's blueprint on the coffee table, in this sense, we must get up from the chair to take the plane that we can place on our favorite weapon and thereby ensure that it can instantly recover 500 durability.

 This is all you need to know about How to get the Korek Charm, so it will only be enough to embark on a task that usually ends with a small puzzle in Dying LIght 2.

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