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2022-02-11 06:56:49

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Today we bring you an AMD graphics card guide where we plan to explain how to fix 100% GPU usage.

What is the 100% GPU usage error on AMD graphics cards?

This is an inconvenience that is usually occurring and that is associated with the R9 290 and 380 cards respectively because they require high use, it is necessary to take into account that it is not a problem that we really need to worry about, however, it arises necessary How to fix GPU usage at 100%, even though this usually occurs mainly when using common applications for Windows, but in a way, this GPU peak can considerably affect the performance of the PC and with based on it we bring some fix that you can apply.

How to fix 100% GPU usage on AMD graphics cards?

It is necessary to take into account that solving this problem requires using MSI Afterburner and proceeding to enable the unified monitoring of the GPU, for this we will have to:

  •     Fix 100% GPU utilization, this applies to AMD cards.
  •     It becomes necessary to go to the official MSI website in order to download the MSI Afterburner zip file.
  •     Next, we proceed to open the zip file and for this we will use winrar and proceed to extract it on the desktop.
  •     Next, we open the installation file and proceed to install MSI Afterburner on the POC.
  •     Once the installation has been completed, we are allowed to see a shortcut on the desktop, it will only be necessary to open it.
  •     Then, we must go down to the bottom of the application to click on settings and go to General.
  •     Next, we go down to AMD compatibility properties.
  •     We must check the option Enable monitoring of the use of unified GPU and then click OK, to change it and then minimize it.

Knowing how to fix the use of GPU at 100% leads us to activate the monitoring of the use of the GPU within the compatibility of AMD graphic cards, thus allowing better performance.

It is good to keep in mind that the latest drivers often show you these types of errors even when the graphics card may be sleeping.

Now that you know how to fix 100% GPU usage, you can apply this fix and thus be able to continue enjoying AMD graphic cards without any restrictions regarding performance.

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