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Dying Light 2 has other quests for us and that's why today we tell you where to find Scott.

What is the point of finding Scott in Dying Light 2?

Having the possibility of embarking on a search that a mother usually gives us, in this sense, it is necessary to know where to find Scott, we must also agree to look for Moe, so it is necessary to take care of trying to carry out this search, even when everything seems to indicate that it is too late; However, we do not necessarily have to throw everything away, so that we will put our skills to the test and thus be able to survive in the middle of a hostile world, only this is a task that embarks us to carry out an investigation.

Where to find Scott in Dying Light 2?

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According to the talk that we will have with the mother, it is hard for us to look for the children in the bazaar, however, this is not exactly the best option, but going to the bazaar is not a bad ideal, this is because we can get Dominik that he is a boy who wears a red cap and usually always talks about a dog, we must get talks with this boy for a long time so that he can finally remember the children who were playing with the dog.

Knowing where to find Scott leads us to be able to hear the barking at a certain distance in Dying Light 2, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of opening the map in order to follow the location marker, it is necessary to save Moe, just that this is a mission that can be done at night, only here it is necessary to consider the space where we execute the mission, this is because in the case of being during the day it becomes difficult to take care of eliminating the zombies, on the other hand, at night and indoors it is more favorable to eliminate the zombies and manage to rescue him.

While we are in the process of rescuing Moe we are allowed to get Scott to accidentally greet us in Dying Light 2 2, we take the opportunity to ask him to leave, so it becomes necessary to walk towards Scott and eliminate the zombies after talking with the boy, to proceed up the stairs and find Buddy who is usually mortally wounded, we will see him on a sofa crying, in front of this there is usually a room where Moe is hidden, here we will see that he usually affirms that there is a dangerous zombie which makes it necessary to take care of going out to kill him.

In the middle of this search it is necessary to be clear that eliminating zombies makes things a little easier, so we must get the last zombie to die, it is vital to loot them to get money and once this has been done return with Moe to make him return home, once this has happened we are faced with a difficult decision between killing Buddy or letting him die, because saving him is simply not possible.

 To finish the search to know where to find Scott, it is essential to return to the bazaar and thus complete the mission by returning to the house of Scott's mother and Moeen Dying Light 2, once located in the place, we face another complicated decision and is to tell or not tell Dominik about Buddy, the important thing is that this decision does not usually interfere with the mission at all.

 Now that you know where to find Scott, it becomes necessary to launch yourself on this quest through Dying Light 2 and thereby get two boys to be saved.

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