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You are ready to know how to get the soccer ball in Dying Light 2 2, we hope so because in this article we will tell you how to do it.

What is the soccer ball in Dying Light 2?

This is a secret soccer related item, where you will be able to get a real ball to play with while doing something cryptic and in case you are wondering how to get the soccer ball, just read on.

How to get the soccer ball in Dying Light 2?

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The football plan can be achieved as long as it climbs towards Saint Joseph Hospital. You will have to go to the fenced area to the north, here you will find some GRE quarantine tents and the remains of a soccer field.

In the middle of the pitch you will see a soccer ball that you can move by moving next to it or using melee attacks. Your goal will be to get at least 9 goals in different instances, that's very important.

The game will trigger an event of some infected celebrating by doing it nine times, but then you need to take them out. When you kill the infected, you will be able to access a box with the blueprint for the "Join in Fun: Everyone Can Play!" program. This is basically a craftable soccer ball, which will require 369 scrap.

 Now that we have reached the end of this article on how to get the soccer ball in Dying Light 2, we hope that it will be very useful for you to get it quickly.

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