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We're going on a quest through Lost Ark to tell you where to find Hidden Past of Varut.

What is Varut's hidden step in Lost Ark?

This is another of the collectibles that are usually necessary to complete the Adventurer's Tome, this is usually a kind of hidden story and that is part of the number of artifacts that we must obtain, in this sense, it is necessary to launch ourselves on a search for which we bring some indications that you can follow.

Where to find Hidden Past of Varut in Lost Ark?

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This collectible is usually found on the Retharamis continent and in this sense, it is necessary to take care of going to the Prideholme cathedral, once we get to the place we must move through the back where there is a partition behind the table, it will only be enough with walking behind the partition and accessing to interact with a pop-up window, this is because it is what usually unlocks the collectible, once this has been done it is necessary to take care of leaving the cathedral to enter once more and walk behind of the septum.

This hidden story usually says:

I will confess my love for her today, if she rejects me, I will become a priest and never look at her again.

Note: this is a story that usually provides us with more information than a small story related to an NPC.

 We end this guide on where to find Hidden Past of Varut, so that it will only be enough to embark on this search and thus continue the progress in Lost Ark.

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