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2022-02-16 08:20:48

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With the following article, we will tell you how to fix the death loop error in Dying Light 2, so pay close attention because we start.

What is the death loop bug in Dying Light 2 about?

This is a bug where users get stuck in a seemingly infinite death loop.

How to fix death loop error in Dying Light 2?

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To fix this issue, you will have to try to join someone's game, which will hopefully fix the issue.

In case you are in the game right now, you will need to access the Online menu, which you can access by pressing the ESC key on PC and the Menu button on consoles and choose the online options.

Access the quick join option or the Find game option if a friend is also playing, already being in a game, what you have to do is try to leave and when you do, you should return to your game.

Some users stated that they were able to fix the error simply by completing the mission they were on.

Now that we have reached the end of this article on how to fix the Dying Light 2? Loop of death error, we hope that the developers, knowing what is going on, are working on a definitive solution for this error.

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