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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-11 15:25:16

More about: Elden Ring

Elden Ring has more problems which makes it necessary to explain how to fix it won't open on PC.

What does not open Elden Ring imply on PC?

This is a problem that we can find and that is frustrating, especially considering that it already has a slight delay, this is because it was scheduled to be released in January and, however, this is scheduled to happen at the end of February. However, knowing how to fix not opening on PC is a necessary task because there is no possibility to access the game itself and this can be disappointing.

It is good to keep in mind that there is no particular cause that shows us the error, however, what can be made clear is that recent games can cause many errors, especially when they are just being launched.

How to fix not opening on PC in Elden Ring?

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One of the things that it is necessary to ask ourselves before moving on to the solution is to verify that our computer can run the game, this is because not having the specifications can cause us problems.

Now, being clear that our PC is suitable to launch the game, we must focus on knowing how to solve that it does not open on the PC and for this we can take into account:


  •  Choose to take a look at the official Twitter account @EldenRing, this in the event that there may be a problem with the server and it is precisely this that causes the error, if so, we must wait and try it later.
  • Choosing to run the game as an administrator is another of the actions that we can apply to solve this error. For this, it is necessary to take care of going to the executable file and clicking the right mouse button and Run as administrator.
  • Checking for possible software updates is another of the solutions that we can apply for this Elden Ring error, if there is one, it is necessary to download and install them.


 Verifying the integrity of the files is another of the fixes to know How to solve that it does not open on the PC and in this case we must:


  •  Restart our PC and start Steam.
  • Then we need to right click on Elden Ring in the library.
  • We are shown a drop-down menu where we will have to select Properties.
  • Next, we select the Local Files tab and then click Verify integrity of game files.
  • We must wait a few minutes while the process is completed and that's it.


 Opting to uninstall and install the game is the last action that we can apply, this is usually done in the event that nothing works.

 Generally speaking, knowing How to fix Not Opening On PC gives us the opportunity to apply various fixes, so you can execute any of them and thus prepare yourself to enjoy Elden Ring.

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