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Dirt 5 comes to show us some news and this gives us the way to tell you how to win all the races

What does Dirt 5 bring us?

Although it is true this specifically rally car game has given other previous installments and they have been fantastic, today it is possible to observe some changes that make it worth enjoying from start to finish, such as:

  • Very realistic races that give it a particular touch.
  • The possibility of having a variety of vehicles.
  • Have the traditional and modern vehicles.
  • It is adapted to various circuits and weather conditions in all modes.
  • Favorable tactics to beat opponents

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    How to win all the races in Dirt 5?

    Normally all of us who bet on this game are interested in winning all the races, as it is practically a challenge, in such a way that before embarking it is vital to review the map carefully, this gives us some detail related to the track to which we are going to access, as there are a few strategies that we can consider in advance and that this allows us to have the possibility of competing and with it know how to win all the races, considering:

    • Access the game to be warned about the curves.
    • Take advantage of the curves by bouncing other runners.
    • Avoid any number of curves at the same time.
    • Put the altar in gear and do everything possible to achieve a higher speed when we manage to pass the curves in Dirt 5.
    • Take advantage of speed to avoid getting behind the whole group.

    It is difficult to talk about certain elements that can allow us to win, however, it is not possible to put aside the tactics, and adjust the level of difficulty that allows us to run according to our ability, because even when we can start a bit conservative with the step The game opens the possibility for us to be a little more open and competitive.

    Knowing how to win all the races offers us the opportunity to embark on getting some kind of decent advantage but that can favor us in every sense of the word, for which it can be favorable to take each strategy with due calm where we can plan, in such a way So that it is difficult for the opponents to catch up with us, this simply makes it possible for us to make the best possible use of the curves which can lead us to stop a bit in them, but as soon as we leave, we can resume speed in Dirt 5, which in certain mode could represent a close race, however it is possible to keep other runners under surveillance and this can put us one step ahead.

     As you will see, Dirt 5 is simply a fantastic game that comes to have a lot of fun, and this allows us to know how to win all the races since it is a job that can become quite easy and comfortable.

    Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, PlayStation 5 PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
    Codemasters Cheshire
    Release date:
    6 November 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer
    age rating (PEGI):

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