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Today we invite you to embark through Sea of Thieves and thus undertake a search to know where to find Tall Tale

What are the Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves?

This is a game that offers us the possibility of carrying out a number of missions, a lot of work in a row, explorations, some battles with pirates, in such a way that keeping ourselves busy is something very normal, however it is vital to know where to find Tall Tale since These are usually a type of interesting pieces of content, which leads us to have the option of being able to move, to give an answer to this puzzle that makes us travel through this adventure.
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Where to find Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves?

This search makes us venture so that it will be vital to go to all the areas of Tail Tale and they are the following:

Tale of the stars of a thief: It is necessary to focus on finding the small island in tile H10, this is located in the Maritime Station of the North Star, in this sense, it is necessary to consider that this place may be something similar to the Ports of the islands where we started Sea of Thieves, however there may be some change if we make a little effort since it will be necessary to talk with Sudds at the North Star Space Station.

 Tale of the Destiny of the Morning Star: our search to know where to find Tall Tale makes us travel and explore some amount of space, in such a way that to find this it is necessary to carry out some activities that allow us to access this search, because this story specifically, it usually has a particular story, since it is necessary to talk with the ferryman on the ferry of the damned, since the story can only be found when we die and we have managed to complete:

  •  The tales of the Legendary Storyteller.
  • The stars of a Thief.
  • Wild Rose.
  • The art of the Harlequin.

  • Trickster's art tale: This tale is quite easy to find and it will be necessary to converse with a bird called Salty, on the island's coast, for which we must go to the island on tile G16 starting our search in the valley of the Looting of Sea of Thieves.
  • Tale of the Revenge of the Morning Star: This game allows us to have the possibility of exploring and this leads us to want to know where to find tales, so that it is necessary to find this tale and that means that we must locate the M8 tile which is Simply go to the Dagger Tooth outpost, located at the Pier on the south side of the island and talk with Sandra, by now it is necessary to have completed the account of the destiny of Morning Star.
  • Tale of the Cursed Pícaro: It is necessary to consider completing the Savannah-Breaker to access this tale, once this has been done in Sea of Thieves we must look for the northern section of the island where tiles J18 and K 18 are located, as this allows us to go to north of the island where we will have the possibility to converse with Madame Olivia. "
  • Tale of the Coasts of Gold: This is a tale that leads us to have to complete the quest for Revenge of the Morning Star, so it is important to focus on visiting Gracie at the Morrow Peak outpost, on tile V17 of Sea of Thieves, as this makes us have to help the Company of the Gold Hoarders who usually protect the treasure from the attacks of the skeletons. "
  • Story of the Rompe-Sabanas: This search to know where to find Tall Tale leads us to locate ourselves specifically in the taverns, in such a way that to accept this search it is necessary to wake up, turn and take a look at the book that is unique near the barrel, which allows us to embark on this search in any of the outposts of the in-game taverns. Legendary Tales Cutter's Tale: It is good to understand that there are some number of tales that need to be located and this allows us to go in search of this tale as soon as we have managed to complete The Cursed Rogue, once this has been done it is necessary to go to the tavern to visit Tasha and this is specifically located on tile Q17 in the Old Spire outpost.
  • Wild Rose Tale: it is necessary to go to tile F7 in Sea of Thieves and locate the northwest of the island which is quite close to the docks, which leads us to have to locate the Sanctuary outpost and talk with Madame Olive.

 In general terms, knowing where to find Tall Tale allows us to have the possibility of making an interesting exploration in Sea of Thieves, so don't stop doing it, it is a trip that is well worth doing.

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