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2020-11-09 07:35:35

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Our guide today on Dirt 5 lets us talk to you about How to fix the controller not working, let's see.

What is the Controller not working in Dirt 5?

This is simply an inconvenience with which we get in this game and that can generate a real headache, since it is well known that previous deliveries have had some series of failures in relation to the controllers, however, this has a solution And this is where we are going to tell you what you should know, because we must consider that knowing how to fix the controller does not work simply allows us to enjoy this interesting game to the fullest.

How to fix Controller not working on Dirt 5?

 This leads us to consider making some adjustments and even when these may become small they can make a difference, in the specific case of the PC they can be associated with the general configuration, in the case of Xbox they can be associated with the gamepad, in the same way mode may be associated with the PS4, in such a way that it does not escape any but we do have some options to get rid of these failures.

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Change general Steam controller settings: it is necessary to know exactly the controller that we are using, the option to configure depends on it and can be done in this way:

  •  Start Steam from the shortcut located on the desktop.
  • Proceed to click on Steam located at the top of the left side of the screen.
  • Proceed to select Configuration.
  • Locate in the Adjustment menu and go to Controller.
  • Proceed to click General Controller Settings.
  • Check the type of controller as this usually varies, so it is necessary to go to PS configuration support, Xbox configuration support or generic gamepad configuration support as the case may be.
  • Proceed to press Ok to save the changes.
  • Finally exit and start Dirt 5.


 Modify Steam's big image mode: To know how to fix the controller not working it is necessary to focus on Steam and this allows us to make some interesting and necessary changes such as:

  •  Launch Steam from the desktop access.
  • Proceed to click View in the upper left corner.
  • Then select Large Image Mode.
  • Next we must click on Library.
  • Then click on Games in Browse.
  • Select Dirt 5.
  • Proceed to click on the games manager with the gear icon located below the game.
  • Choose to select the Controller Options from the Steam entry.
  • Click on the date pointing down to expand Chage's options in the Steam settings entry.
  • Proceed to select Forced.
  • Press OK and finally restart Steam


 Adjust the dead zones of the controller: Dirt 5 by default usually cuts at least 50 percent of our input, a detail that in a way can be favorable for some games but not specifically for racing games, which makes us have to propose to know How fix the controller not working and for this you need to configure it in such a way that it is necessary.

 It is necessary to click on the Settings option located in the main menu.

 We move to the left stick configuration to get to the additional settings where it is necessary not to change these settings:

  •  Value Settings
  • Cross in the form of a dead zone
  • Interior dead zone None
  • Sensitivity Horizontal scale 0.810
  • Maximum Vertical Scale Sensitivity
  • Dead Zone Outer Max
  • Stick Response Curve Custom Curve
  • Custom response curve 0.474
  • Invert horizontal axis Off
  • Invert vertical axis out
  • Gyroscope lock on the edges
  • Union radius of outer ring 80 percent
  • Anti-Deadzone output 0.309
  • Anti Dead Zone Buffer Output None
  • Binding outer ring Reverse out.


 It is not possible to change the anti-dead zone under some circumstances, it is only possible to increase the interior dead zone until the drift can stop, once this has been reached in Dirt 5 5 it is necessary to return to the controller list where we can execute some cool changes as they are.

  •  Trigger range Start None
  • Interior dead zone None
  • Left trigger Analog input Left trigger
  • The firing range is the maximum
  • Dead Zone Outer Max


Definitely, Dirt 5 brings us some interesting changes that allow us to enjoy races with more energy perhaps than usual, however, it is necessary to know how to fix the controller that does not work, but this remains as part of the step because you can try our options here presented and thus enjoy the races.

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