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Dirt 5 comes with all the irons to entertain us and this allows us to explain how to get new sponsors, let's see.

What are sponsors in Dirt 5?

It is necessary that the sponsors are the ones who can contribute money and some advertising implements in this game, because not everything is just running and ready, there is the promotional part that is where they make their appearance, the sponsors usually make an appearance to present the possibility of getting some interesting and juicy contracts, in addition they tend to focus on what can be the best for us since winning and obtaining monetary rewards is a necessary task, since the sponsors have some similarity to the runners since they are very close to go out to show all they can offer.
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    How to get new sponsors in Dirt 5 5?

    Before moving on to our objective, it is important to understand that we can give ourselves the opportunity to change a sponsor when we consider necessary and this can be done from the menu, of course for this it is good to make it clear that:


    •  Changing your sponsor may generate some changes in terms of the Reputation we achieve by winning races.
    • It is not the most feasible to change sponsor when we have a high reputation.
    • We can count on the possibility of postponing the change of sponsor when it can present us with a proposal that may be feasible enough.


     It is worth mentioning that when starting Career mode we are only offered the opportunity to have an available sponsor, and it is possible to continue with this while we manage to raise our reputation and keep it that way for a while until we are allowed to opt for certain changes, which Normally they usually occur during the course of some events since they inform us that there are additional sponsors, only that our option to change or leave the one we have is our own decision, which can make us enter a little more in the career mode and explore.

     Finally, it is necessary to make it clear that knowing how to get new sponsors is simply a free task that we are allowed to do in Dirt 5.

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