Lidia Rozo
2020-11-03 08:51:58

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We invite you to know how to get stamps, as these are necessary elements to be able to progress in Dirt 5.

What are the stamps in Dirt 5?

The franchise brings us a fifth installment where we are allowed to enjoy the rally to the fullest and this leads us to get stamps, since these are nothing more than coins which allow us to have the possibility of progressing and thereby take control to achieve considerable progress in the Events reflected here.
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How to get stamps in Dirt 5?

Sometimes it can be somewhat problematic to get stamps, however, in case of not getting them, it is a good time to use the Dirt 5Dollars that we get throughout the races and that these allow us to have the possibility of opening the field to Other Event Objectives, since stamps are usually part of the rewards of this game, it is necessary to find them in some way even if this implies having to make purchases.

Getting stamps is simply necessary for races, because just winning a race is not enough, but somehow as we win we get these valuable stamps that will allow us to have the opportunity to unlock some Events. Stamps are usually earned by performing and completing some tasks, as this game offers us the possibility of working enough to get them and with them access other circuits where we have the freedom to show our skills.

 This is all we know about How to get stamps, as they are necessary medals that allow us to progress in Dirt 5 and with them open possibilities to explore circuits.