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This guide is what you were looking for if you keep wondering how to make a Minecraft smoker.

What is a Minecraft smoker?

This is a tool that will allow you to cook food in the game, it is specifically a smoker that looks like an oven, but it will cook food twice as fast.

How to make a smoker in Minecraft?

The first way to get a smoker is to find one in any town that has a butcher. Although the fastest way to get one is by making it yourself.
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    • 4 pieces of wood or logs.
    • 1 oven.

    Once you have all the ingredients you will have to access the production menu to find the 3 × 3 on the left> place the ingredients in the correct place:

    One log on the center tile of the top row> another on the left center tile> the oven on the center center tile> another log in the middle. right tile and wood / log on the center tile of the bottom row so that the smoker appears on the right side of the screen.

    Place your new kitchen tool in the inventory and then place it where you want, access it and place the fuel to use under the smoke icon> then place the food to be cooked in the upper tile so that the smoke icon changes to flames and is cooked and when it is finished you can take it to your inventory and eat it.

     That is all you have to know about how to make a smoker in Minecraft, we hope that now that you know it, you will be able to get the most out of our article and make this tool quickly.

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