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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-05 14:59:56

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Our guide today on How to Get Blue and White Flames from the Well of Fates takes us a little deeper into Sea of Thieves.

What is the need to collect blue and white flames in Sea of Thieves?

As we progress in this game we are offered the opportunity to get some series of necessary elements that can somehow help us in this interesting adventure, in addition to knowing how to obtain blue and white flames from the Well of Destinations allows us to embark on a weekly event called Fates of the Damned, although there is also the possibility of venturing into the challenge of the Well of Fates.
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How to get blue and white flames from the Well of Fates in Sea of Thieves?

 This is a task that embarks us to carry out 2 particular activities to achieve the objective and these are:


  •  Collect the blue flame: this is perhaps the easiest to obtain where it is necessary to die the sharks that are usually attracted, in such a way that we can use a Megalodon to attack which produces a random attack in the sea, here it is important to consider for a On the other hand, it is possible to wait for the shark to be close and proceed to jump into open water, on the other hand, the size of the shark does not have any kind of relevance, it can be large or small.
  • Collect the white flame: this is the other necessary flame of Fates and unlike the blue one it can become somewhat more complicated, since it is necessary to be struck by lightning while an electrical storm occurs, in such a way that it is necessary to hold a metallic object, It is important to die so that it can occur and for this the idea is to have very little health at the time of doing it, since being very healthy we only suffer burns and this makes it more painful, which will only give us the red flame but it is not the goal we are pursuing.

 As soon as we eliminate the sharks or die from lightning, it is usually vital to proceed to take the respective flame from the Well of Fates, for this it is necessary to walk to where the candelabrum in the center of the ship is located and hold the lantern to allow us to count. with the option of taking said flame.

 Definitely, knowing how to get blue and white flames from the Well of Fates is an interesting task for us to do in Sea of Thieves now that we have embarked on this weekly event.

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