Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-04 12:16:05

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If you want to know how to fix Crash at startup in DIRT 5 this guide has everything you need to know completely covered.

 The title belongs to the racing simulation video game developed and published by Codemasters, however and despite the fact that the game has just been released, many users have already presented problems such as Crash at the beginning, since they are having problems when starting the game.

Fortunately, we already have all this covered and here we will tell you what to do.

How to Fix Crash at Startup in DIRT 5 - Causes.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the causes of this error are several, so the solutions are also several, so we immediately list several causes that can cause the Crash at the beginning:

Minimum system requirements to run the game (listed below):

  • AMD FX 4300 or Intel Core i3 2130 64-bit processor.
  • Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • AMD RX 480 graphics compatible with DirectX12) or NVIDIA GTX 970.
  • DirectX 12.
  • Broadband Internet connection.
  • 60 GB of available hard disk space.
  • DirectX compatible sound card.

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How to Fix Crash on Startup in DIRT 5 - Graphical Update.

Taking into account the causes of the crash at startup, the first thing we recommend you do is make sure your graphics drivers are updated to the latest version available, so go to your graphics provider's website to see if there are any pending updates for install.

How to Fix Crash on Startup in DIRT 5 - Steam Overlay.

To disable the Steam overlay you will have to access the application> Settings> select the game> select the check box to disable the Steam overlay during the game> OK.

How to fix crash on startup in DIRT 5 - Discord Settings.

To adjust Discord settings the first thing you have to do is access Discord> User Settings> Voice and Video in the left sidebar> go to Advanced at the bottom> disable the OpenH264 video codec provided by Cisco System, Inc> disable the Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority option.

Then head over to Overlay> disable in-game overlay.

Now head to Appearance A Advanced> turn off Hardware Acceleration> finally reboot the system.

How to Fix Crash on Startup in DIRT 5 - Nvidia Control Panel Settings.

To adjust the Nvidia control panel settings you will have to select Adjust the preview image settings in 3D settings> Use advanced 3D image settings> access the Nvidia Control Panel> Manage 3D settings> Global settings .

You can also disable image sharpness, enable thread optimization, disable low latency mode, and much more.

How to Fix Crash on Startup in DIRT 5 - AMD Control Panel Settings.

To change the configuration of the AMD control panel you will have to go to Global Graphics> disable Radeon Anti-Lag, also Radeon Boost> use the application settings for antialiasing mode> set the antialiasing method for multisampling> turn off morphological filtering> turn off image sharpness> turn off anisotropic filter> use performance mode for texture filtering quality.

You can also enable surface format optimization> AMD optimization for tessellation mode> wait for V-sync ...> turn it off> use AMD optimization for Shader Cache> turn off OpenGL triple buffer> turn off the maximum tessellation level> set graphics for GPU workload> turn off Radeon Chill> turn off target frame rate control.

How To Fix Crash On Startup In DIRT 5 - Check Steam Files.

To make sure that there are no damaged or corrupted files, you will have to go to the Steam library> select the game> right click on the game> Properties> Local Files> Verify the integrity of the game files and when the process finish restart the game.

How To Fix Crash On Startup On DIRT 5 - Uninstall Recent Windows 10 Update.

If you installed the Windows 10 update with KB4535996 then you will have to remove it as it causes problems.

To do this you will have to go to the Start menu> Settings> Update and Security> View update history> look for the update KB4535996 and if it is, delete it by selecting Uninstall updates at the top of the page and selecting the update and after it is eliminated restart your pc.

How To Fix Crash On Startup In DIRT 5 - Delete Temporary Files.

For this you will have to press the Windows R key and look for the RUN program> type for cientotemppercent> press Enter to access the temporary files> select all the files by pressing Ctrl A on the keyboard then press Shift Delete on the keyboard to delete all files and the ones you can't delete just leave them.

How To Fix Crash On Startup On DIRT 5 - Default CPU and Graphics Speed.

If at any time you overclocked your GPU you will have to put it back to default to avoid any problems.

 That's all you need to know about how to fix Crash at startup in DIRT 5, we hope our guide has been as helpful as possible for you and you have managed to solve the crash issue at the start of the game.