Angel Marquez
2020-11-05 08:29:26

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This time we come back with a No More Heroes guide with the objective of explaining how to beat Death Metal.

What to know about Death Metal in No More Heroes?

We are before an action and adventure game of the Switch, certainly initially it was presented in 2007 in Japan, as for this we have Death Metal, which will be our first boss to face, it is important to be aware of the handling of the controls previously, this game is not easy even if we choose the difficulty of easy, so knowing how to beat Death Metal is necessary, now the following details answer that question, let's see.

How to beat Death Metal in No More Heroes?

As it is the first confrontation in the game, we will not go through many cons, it will be doing jumps around it and with a sword, it makes similar attacks, where our objective against these is to block them and get closer to it, being necessary to go from one side another until we can attack it, before it stabilizes again, it will be the right moment to attack it and when noticing a defense shock from this in when we must stop attacking, after this another phase of the fight is presented in The one that we will see how it creates clones, being 3 from now on that we must cause damage, considering that the clones are not as strong, we only have to deal with them since they have low health that allows us to defeat them easily.

It is important that we are in constant movement to prevent it from surrounding us, it will come from now on with an attack that requires us not to be still, at some point we will stun it, we will have a gap to attack it and no matter how much it causes us damage This will be worth it, having that we will receive health and the battery box in the rooms that are here, but if we go for them this puts us in a bad situation, it is important to do it if it is our last resort.

 Now that you know how to beat Death Metal just do it and keep having fun with No More Heroes.