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This article is all you need if you're wondering how to fix controller Not Working error in Dirt 5.

What is the problem of the control not working in Dirt 5?

This is a problem related to the game controller in Steam and it seems that the Steam client or the game files are causing problems with the input relation, so if you want to know how to solve the error the control does not work, you will have to keep an eye on this article.

How to fix the error control does not work in Dirt 5?

To solve this problem you will have to change the General Settings of the controller or the General Settings of the Steam Controller Settings. For this you will have to access and configure correctly from computers with Windows, Mac and Linux.

If it is still not corrected you can disconnect and connect the USB port of the controller back or change it and even update the version of the controlled ones.

You can also restart your computer or update the PC's operating system.

But if none of this has produced positive results, we will have to go a little further.

How to fix control not working error in Dirt 5 - Steam Big Image mode?

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    Switching to Steam's large image mode can help you correct this problem, to use this method you will have to start by accessing the Steam client on your PC> View in the upper left corner> select Large image mode e> access Library> Browse > Games> select this game> Manage games> Steam Input controller options> select the down arrow icon to expand the list of "Change Steam Input settings per game"> Forced on> OK to save changes> restart the client and the problem should be corrected.

    How to fix the error control does not work in Dirt 5? - General Steam Controller Settings

    To change the general Steam controller settings, you will have to start by accessing the Steam settings in the upper left corner

    Controller> General controller settings> check compatibility with PlayStation settings, compatibility with Xbox settings, or compatibility with generic controller settings> then select OK to save the changes and restart the client, which should correct the problem.

    How to fix the error control does not work in Dirt 5? - Configure the controller

    To configure the controller you will need to access Steam Controller Settings> Left Stick Settings and Additional Settings> make sure all the following settings are set as is:

    • Outer Ring Binding Reversal: Disabled.
    • Anti-Deadzone Exit - 0.309.
    • Anti-Dead Zone Output Buffer - None.
    • Stick sensitive curve: custom curve.
    • Custom response curve: 0.474.
    • Dead zone shape: Cross.
    • Vertical scale of sensitivity: max.
    • Twist lock at edges: disabled.
    • Outer ring binding radius: 80 percent.
    • Exterior dead zone: max.
    • Invert vertical axis: disabled.
    • Interior dead zone - None.
    • Invert horizontal axis: disabled.
    • Horizontal sensitivity scale: 0.810.

    Then save the changes> restart your PC and the problem should be corrected.

    You can also access the game and gradually increase the Deadzone Inner until the derivative disappears without changing the Anti-Deadzone.

    • And correcting the following values:
    • Outside dead zone: Max.
    • Trigger range start: None.
    • End of firing range: Max.
    • Left Trigger Analog Input: Left Trigger.
    • Inside the dead zone: None.

    That's all you need to know about how to
    fix controller Not Working error in Dirt 5 and now that you know, we hope you can quickly fix this in-game problem.

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