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The novelties that Destiny 2 brings allow us to have some elemental resources, let's see How to obtain an altered element

What is an altered element in Destiny 2?

It is excellent when a new season or expansion arrives and this brings with it some amount of content and elements that truly make us keep busy, avoiding going out of the conventional and traditional that a game may have, that's why this season of arrivals shows us more news interesting.

The altered element are only the coins that we can see here, it is necessary to earn a considerable amount but as if this were not enough, it can be achieved by working with Eris and the Tramp, this is shown as a possibility of the things that we can do soon since that it will be necessary to achieve that the darkness can be used as a weapon.
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    How to get altered element in Destiny 2 2?

     The rewards that we can get in this game particularly have some important variation and this leads us to get some daily Prismatic Recaster rewards, and that is that we need to carry out some daily missions that can be rotated little by little, activities where fighting is the center of attraction, and where it is possible to use grenades to eliminate bosses, that the rewards really do not present much variation and can be:


    •  The Improved Armor Focus.
    • The Enhanced Arsenal Focus Engrams.


     The altered element is obtained after having carried out the daily missions and these allow us to have higher quality engrams in our inventory, it is also possible to mention that we are moderately limited since it is only possible to carry out 4 missions and spit the next day for other missions .

     Now that you know how to obtain an altered element, it is necessary to carry out some missions and this allows us to achieve considerable advances in Destiny 2.

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