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GTA 5: How to do a wheelie with a bike

2020-06-12 13:31:34

We invite you to discover how to do a wheelie with a bike something new and fun that we can do at GTA 5.

What to know about GTA 5?

Throughout the game we have the wide path of the land of the saints, where we can do so many things, due to the pleasure that runs along the route of its roads, now in the case that we are driving our motorcycle, we need to know how to do a rocking horse, now with the content of this guide we can do it for the different platforms, let's see what it tells us about it.

How to do a wheelie with a bike in GTA 5?

If we want to do a wheelie in the game and for the consoles of the PS4 and Xbox One, it is necessary that we accelerate on a motorcycle, anything that we can get anywhere in the streets of the saints, being something very simple, then with that we press on the PS4 the R2 or on the Xbox One the RT, we will see ourselves at a height, in which we have to pull the left lever of our command and cause a kind of recoil of our character, thus seeing the part front of the bike in a certain elevated way and so we will be doing a wheelie.

In the case of the PC, the combination of buttons is different, what we will do when locating our vehicle in question, is press the W to accelerate, when reaching a high maximum speed, the button on the left of the mouse we will press and move it towards us at the same time, in this way we will do it correctly for our bicycle, without changing the direction of the sea to the right or left.

Knowing how to do a wheelie with a bike is interesting, since it allows us to get around and have more fun in GTA 5.

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