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In the Madden Mobile universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get max badges easily and here you will know how to do it.

We find that in Madden Mobile there are different challenges that we face as fans of this sport, among the characteristics that we access are the Madden Max, with which it is possible to have gathered the most outstanding players in the league, for how get maximum badges and for them we will help each other with the content of this guide and to present it now.

What to know about the max badges easily in Madden Mobile?

The most outstanding players have to obtain an OVR OF 105 with 200 pow and all the statistics to the maximum of 99, it is important that we also consider that the training of these 100 levels is possible, which would lead to what they achieved in terms of a pow maximum of 300, for more details of this guide we have to continue reading, so let's do it.
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How to get max badges easily in Madden Mobile?

 It is necessary that we find ourselves constantly playing, which will allow us to take the levels from 100 OVR to 105 OVR while we evolve the players, with the exchange of these it is possible to obtain, the collection set or the purchase of the field pass awards and store packages with another way to consider for it, the options we have here will require that we make the purchase of packages or that we increase the levels of our players reaching the value point and we can make the exchange, to be more precise let's see the maximum number of badges below:

  • 1x 98 OVR 130 POW players to get 8x Badges
  • 1x 95 OVR 130 POW players to get 4 badges
  • 1x 90 OVR 130 POW Player to get a badge
  • 5x 85 OVR 130 POW players to get a badge
  • 25x 80 OVR 130 POW players to get a Badge

 We must be clear that achieving this can take a long time, but this will lead us to be invincible, so it will be worth it for us to do so, only with some patience will we reach this goal.

 This way we finish our Madden Mobile guide, now you know how to get max badges easily, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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