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We are back again for Destiny 2 this time with the purpose of explaining how to accumulate laurel points

Why collect laurel points in Destiny 2 2?

  This is simply a mission that we must cover and complete while we are in Destiny 2 and it leads us to talk with Eva, Zavala and go to the restaurant of our class, because simply with this the week of games of the guardians starts and requires us to get these points to which we have the advantage of having several options to increase them.
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    How to accumulate laurel points in Destiny 2 2?

     The options to increase them are simply more than one but we are going to start with the simplest, because for this it is only necessary to hold PvE meetings either with Gambito or with the Crucible, both work perfectly well and easily, but it does not necessarily have to be all this because there are other not so comfortable ways.

     The Guardians are some of those that allow us to increase the points only that these are more complicated since they have a much longer period of time and usually do considerable damage where it stands out:

    •  The Bow Staff.
    • Sol's hammer.
    • The Nova Pump.
    • The Golden Canyon.
    • The Sentinel shield, among others.

     Getting damage to weak enemies with melee combat is feasible because we do not need to wear out much to get the laurel to fall. We have the possibility to cultivate and grind them for a good period of time that allows us to show off our abilities, and that this can be seen framed in the first available task that brings us the games of guardians.

     In conclusion, knowing how to accumulate laurel points leads us to carry out combats, some simpler than others but awnings against enemies with the possibility of reaching our goal in Destiny 2.

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