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Knowing how to gain a reputation is important while immersed in Fallout 76 Wastelanders, let's see.

How to gain reputation at Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

  Gaining reputation can be a bit complex in this expansion, as only increasing reputation will be available in certain factions, being precisely the most precise places to get some very interesting benefits, but don't give a damn here we will explain some simple methods that will allow it to be achieved quite quickly and without much effort.
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    How to gain reputation doing daily challenges in Fallout 76 Wastelanderss?

     Daily challenges are one of the important and perhaps more precise options to increase your reputation, only it is good to keep in mind that these usually restart every day at midnight GMT, since each challenge will be updated by faction and each faction of colonists And Raiders will count one with a challenge per day, although it seems like a limitation it is simply highly feasible.

     It is important not to miss the daily challenges, these are usually very useful, although sometimes it is possible to come across the idea that some challenges do not have the reputation required by the player, for this it will be necessary to open the menu and select Daily in the “Data” tab, it is also possible to have an excellent option right here that will not let us forget the daily challenges for this, just open the game / game battlement / activate the active daily start search, and these challenges will be updated every day So there will be no escape, as you will see. How to gain a reputation can be complex but interesting.

     Each daily challenge here has a faction and each one has a type logo, so each of them has different daily challenges and the players have the alternative of probably not receiving a reward or perhaps receiving it for the mission or simply getting to increase it reputation, the options presented to us are varied.

     How to gain reputation with random encounters in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

     Knowing how to gain reputation really depends on the ability we can have to defend the faction, so if we want to increase it, it will be necessary to defend it at all costs, do everything possible not to cause absolutely harm to any colonists or invaders because we simply will not get anything from reputation at Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

     Random encounters from these sides are part of one of the necessary ways to know how to gain reputation, since they are simply random encounters where it is likely to be attacked by the mobs, whether we are assailants or settlers, there is no escape, because fights are frequent and This is quite good because the more encounters the more opportunity to increase the reputation we are presented, this especially with the possibility of being able to execute these confrontations as many times as we want, an extremely favorable advantage.

     The encounters normally take place in Abadoned Mine Shaft 6 or where there are colonists and invaders, it is also possible to get them in the forest and Raiders in the Ashkeep, it is ideal to go to the Oson Kone to collect the mineral and deliver it to the NPC who will be here, a colonist that in exchange for the mineral will give us reputation, this whole process goes well as long as we take care of the factions and do everything possible not to use explosives in these encounters because it is possible to cause collateral damage where settlers or invaders fall and that seriously damages us .

    How to gain reputation by running hidden challenges in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

     Daily hidden challenges are an excellent option to gain reputation but they require some requirements to be able to carry them out, as they are somewhat more complex, but nothing that cannot be solved quickly while we are in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

     The supervisors home is a mission that must be completed and when we finally manage to do it is when we are presented with the possibility of being able to speak with Davenport, once there we will have access to a mission in the dialogue option, this will simply lead us to take a picture in the crater or in the foundation, because it is a search that will give us the possibility of obtaining a reputation, so our task is to take it and give it to the settler faction in exchange for reputation, it is a good barter, because it is a photo of the Raiders base.

     But the photo is not the only way that we will have since knowing how to gain reputation here presents more than one interesting option, because we will have the possibility of increasing the reputation with the Raiders as well and for this it is necessary to give Blackeye meat from Quinn Mireluck or normal Mireluck , one of the two, this is silk when we travel to Ohio River Adventures, but not only do we have the possibility of getting reputation in exchange for that, nothing more, pus is ideal to complete the event for the defense of players, because Fishbones is here and that It will make us achieve our goal of gaining a reputation with the Raiders.

     Finally, be it with the Colonists or the Raiders, knowing how to gain reputation generally depends on our performance, because while we are immersed in Fallout 76 Wastelanders we are always busy with something.

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