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ARK Survival Evolved: How to craft a bookshelf

2020-04-22 12:13:58

Our ARK Survival Evolved guide comes to explain how to create a bookshelf, let's see.

How to create a bookshelf in ARK Survival Evolved?

  The first thing that we must take into account is the need to be located at least at level 19 and have some necessary materials, because the bookshelf is the place where we keep some supplies, it is ideal because we are allowed to have all things together and ordered, here we can save things like implant samples, notes, plans, recipes, etc.

These are the necessary implements to make the bookshelf.

  •  Have 35 of fiber.
  • Having 45 Thatch.
  • 100 woods or some type of mushroom wood.

 What can we do with the bookshelf in ARK Survival Evolved?

 Once we have our artifact done we can occupy it, it is good to be clear that this bookshelf is not very large because it only occupies a space of 1x2, relatively small, and does not necessarily require a base on the floor, that should have 20,000 hit points. Our bookshelf should contain spaces to store our items, in addition it is ideal to keep the plans throughout the house this in order to prevent them from being lost while we keep traveling.

With the bookshelf made it is possible to put a pin code because this in order to protect the things that we keep there and not and to do it it is necessary to get some important materials, because this is done mainly so that nobody chooses to take something of the that we keep here, this code can be done in the creation station S.

 The materials needed to make the pin code are:

  •  35 fibers.
  • 45 cement pastes or achatin paste.
  • 50 metal bars or scrap metal.

 Now that you know the recipe about How to create a bookshelf it's time to make it and save all those important items while immersed in ARK Survival Evolved

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