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For today we prepare this article in which you can find everything you need to know about how to fix tethering does not work in PS5.

What is the tethering issue in PS5.

Most likely it is a problem with the router / modem that could prevent you from connecting to a game server. It seems that the most likely reason for this error is that the developers made the device with the intention of connecting with an Ethernet or Wi-Fi cable, which can cause problems when the console tries to interact with the mobile operating system. This happens because the mobile phone has to establish two connections, one with the Internet and the other with the PS5
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    How to fix tethering not working on PS5.

    Here we explain step by step how to fix tethering not working:

    The first thing you have to do is activate the mobile access point from the Phone Settings> access the PS5 connectivity settings> find the device name in the list of Wi-Fi devices> establish a connection with the device using the password already established in the device> test the connection and make sure it is the same to play.

    If the connection speed is slow you will have to establish a new connection after restarting the PS5.

    Try moving the phone to a location with a better signal or closer to the console.

    Do not store the phone in another location or objects that interfere with the connection.

     That's all there is about how to fix tethering not working in PS5, we hope that our advice will allow you to correct the problem as soon as possible and get access to your console without problems as soon as possible.

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