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2020-11-20 08:16:13

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Guide to learn how to light all Bugsnax flares

  For those of you with no idea what Bugsnax is about, this is a game of catching tasty treats that would be gross if they weren't made from delicious foods. With that said, there will be a part of the game where you will be asked to light all the flares in Snaxburg. So in this guide we will help you to achieve it successfully.

How to light all Bugsnax flares?

When you are asked the mission you will see that Snopry will prepare them to try to protect the city from some invisible threat. To turn them on, you need to take a basketball that you can find near Snorpy, next to the sawmill. The first flare is there, already lit.

Hold the basketball towards the flare and it will catch fire, and you can carry it to the next flare. Continue this process, relighting the flaming ball each time it goes out.
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Sparkler # 1

The first flare is right next to the farm, you can see it from the already lit flare if you look between the buildings.

Sparkler # 2

The second flare is in the Wampus Bugsnax patch.

Sparkler # 3

The third flare can be found near your crashed airship.

Sparkler # 4

The fourth flare can be found near Wiggles' house.

Sparkler # 5

The fifth flare can be a bit annoying. You can find it at the top of Elizabert and Eggabell's house, but the basketball is likely to go off. You can light the campfire and use this as a starting point.

Sparkler # 6

The last flare is on Filbo's roof, you will have to throw the burning basketball to light it.

When you have all the flares lit, go back to Snorpy and talk to him to finish the mission.

 Now that you know how to light all the Bugsnax flares you will be able to take the opportunity to complete this mission faster than usual although this does not prevent mistakes from arising when you find yourself lighting them, so good luck!