Daniel Hidalgo
2020-11-13 11:18:11

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In Bugsnax it is very useful to know how to increase inventory space, so in this article we detail everything you need to know to do it.

What is Bugsnax?

This is the new adventure video game developed by Young Horses and in which you will have to explore a mysterious island and try to find and capture the homonymous creatures, half insect half sandwich. The video game was released a few hours ago on November 12 and is available for users of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mac OS and PC.

As we mentioned before, having enough space in the inventory is very important, keep in mind that when you start you can only contain a certain amount in it, so knowing how to increase it will be useful.

How to increase inventory space by Bugsnax?

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You can expand your inventory space by helping Gramble, one of the people who lives on the island and who after being convinced to return to Snaxburg, will return to work on his farm and always needs help.

What you have to do is access a donation box in the front of the farm, you can donate resources if you have to spare and the more you donate the more additional spaces you will unlock in your inventory, increasing its capacity.

You will have to increase by six each time, starting with six. When you reach a new rank, you will unlock two more spaces in your Snak Pack, just remember that you can carry up to a maximum of 18 resources at the same time.

  This was our guide on how to increase your inventory space by Bugsnax, we hope it has been very useful and easy to follow so that you can increase your inventory space quickly.