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Our guide today on Bugsnax takes us to explain how to break two Preying Picantises

Where can we get Strawberry Picantis in Busgnax?

These are simply usually achieved on some elevated platforms in the Sizzling area, the detail of these is that they are quite aggressive which makes it a complex task, however, it is necessary to put ourselves in action to carry it out if we are really interested in competing for Sheldra.
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    How to break two Preying Picantises in Bugsnax?

    Our job is to get it off the elevated platform where it is located since it is its favorite location, to get it it is necessary to get a little closer and as they follow us we proceed to withdraw to reach a pool of water, although there is also the possibility of take it to the sodium as it will shoot water at them, because our job is to choose to distract it to ensure that it can be made small and thus make it break.

    On the other hand, it is necessary to get the predatory Pyrocantism down from the elevated platform, only that this can be somewhat more complex and this is because it is not interested in going down, which makes us have to choose to return the next day to see if we have a little more luck, in which case this is the case, it is necessary to take it to the pond and repeat the process of occupying it until something small is placed until it breaks.

     This is all you need to know about How to break two Preying Picantises, as it is a fairly simple job with which it is possible to be patient to reach our goal in Bugsnax.

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