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Guide to learn how to crack egglers in Bugsnax

  For those of you with no idea what Bugsnax is about, this is a game of catching tasty treats that would be gross if they weren't made from delicious foods. That said, there will be a part of the game where Shelda will ask you to break two Egglers.

Eggs can be found by Egglers throughout the level, but there should always be one in Sheldra's shop to the left of the NPC and at the top of the pyramid. If you can't find any in the indicated places, just look around the level and you will find them out there. In this guide we will tell you how to crack them quickly and easily.

How to crack egglers in Bugsnax?

Once you get them you can break it in two ways. One is much simpler and more direct than the other, and also a little faster.
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    Technique 1: The first way is to take the Eggler under the Buffalocust that flies through the area. Add a little hot sauce and the Buffalocust will bombard you in a dive, setting you on fire. Eventually the Eggler will break open and the egg part will pop out and once the fire is out it will run towards the nearby bush that is hiding. Install your Snak Trap to the side of the bush and then back up until the Eggler comes out and catch it in the trap.

    Technique 2:
    The second way is to put the Eggler in front of a Loaded Spuddy. The Loaded Spuddy will charge the Eggler and break it. Once again Eggler will head to the nearest hiding bush and you can put down your Snak Trap and do the same.

    When you have broken two of them, return to Sheldra to advance the mission.

     Now that you know how to crack egglers in Bugsnax you will be able to complete the mission that they asked you regarding the capture of them, use any of the 2 ways that best suits you and voila, you will have egglers at your command. Luck!

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