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Our guide today on Bugsnax takes us to explain how to get Sauce, let's see.

What is the use of the sauce in Bugsnax?

  This is actually an interesting task that allows us to give it a fantastic use, because with the sauce it is possible to catch some creatures, as this makes the place where they move slippery, in such a way that this usually works itself as a trap In this sense, it is necessary to embark on a search about How to get salsaya, which is a necessary and feasible element that we can perfectly use and to which we have access as we progress in this game.
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    How to get sauce in Bugsnax?

     There are several types of sauce, in such a way that it is necessary to focus on getting each one of them in a specific place, in such a way that it is worth making every effort, here are their respective locations:


    •  Hot Sauce: We get this one to the left of Sizzlin Sands, which leads us to have to mobilize to the Burnt Canyon.
    • Ketchup Sauce: This is found specifically in Ketchup which makes us have to locate ourselves in the place where Wampus showed us the rooms the first time.
    • Cheese sauce: To get it it is necessary to use the snake's claw to take it, it is a 5 cheese sauce that we can get by talking with Shelda at the top of Sizzlin Sands.
    • Peanut butter: This does not have any particular place so it is a favorable task, however the best place where we can find it is in Sugarpine Woods.
    • Chocolate: This is perhaps the one that takes our gray hair out and this is because it is complex to find, in such a way that our only option to get it is in Snaxburg.


    Before moving from one place to another, it is necessary to consider taking at least one type of sauce with us, as this avoids having to stock up on a plant and this could take away time that we can perfectly invest in something else, which is evident is that it is not feasible to run out of room because everything can be difficult for us.

     We can conclude our Bugsnax guide, because now that you know How to get sauce, it's time to take a tour of the mentioned places and stock up to get to catch some creatures.

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