Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-20 08:31:24

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Guide to learn how to lure the Fryder in Bugsnax

  In case you don't know what the game is about, Bugsnax tries to catch tasty treats that would be gross if they weren't made of delicious foods.

One of the first things you are asked to do in the game is catch a Deep Fryer for Wambus. With their usual Bugsnax receptor missing, everyone is on the brink of starvation, and Wambus is in dire need of some Fryder. so in this guide we will help you to overcome this stage where everyone is going through hardships in the game.

How to lure the Fryder in Bugsnax?

To complete this mission you must first find the fryer. Go down the hill and turn left and you will come to a large cave. On the roof, a Fryder walks on a circuit but is out of reach.
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Place your Snak Trap on the ground anywhere under the spider, then scan for the bug. You'll see that they love Ketchup, so go ahead and buy some from the nearby Ketchup plant. Press R1 to open the gear wheel and select the Willow Slinger.

Shoot some ketchup on the ground inside the Snak Trap area and then back off a bit. The Fryder will come down from the roof to get the Ketchup, and when it's within range of the Snak Trap, capture it immediately so you don't lose it. Make sure to catch the trap before the time runs out so the fryer can't escape.

After capturing him go back to Wambus and give him the Fryder by standing in front of him and pressing the Triangle button. He will eat the Fryder, his arm will turn into a French Fry and you can move on to the next challenge.

 Now that you know how to
lure the Fryder in Bugsnax you can pass one of the first missions that will be entrusted to you at the beginning of your adventure. Luck!